The Running Center offers a variety of specialized services for the running community.

If we don't do it ourselves, we'll know who does...



Team uniforms and warm-ups.
Screen printing services.


We accept used footwear donations for these philanthropic organizations:

Shoes donated to African Vision of Hope go directly to their orphanage in Zambia for the children to wear.  We accept all types of shoes.  Dress shoes are greatly appreciated!

"Shoeman Water Projects picks up donated used and new shoes year round from businesses, churches, schools, and shoe drives. Once collected, the shoes are given a second life when the Shoeman exports the donated shoes to retailers in the developing world. The resale of shoes provides jobs and affordable footwear. Funds generated from the export of  shoes provides well drilling rigs, water purification systems, and hand pump repair mirco businesses bringing clean, fresh water to those who thirst."


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